Bonagora Gets $3.5 Million Series A from Earlybird

bonagora logoBonagora received $3.5 million Series A from lead investor Earlybird, Vogel Ventures, as well as business angels.

Bonagora was founded by Goran Buvac, Justin E. Scull and Tobias Meisel in early 2014. The company operates a business-to-business platform that streamlines the procurement process between buyers and sellers in the home fashion industry. The Bonagora Marketplace offers sellers a personal virtual showroom, opening their brand up to a global audience in new markets, 365 days a year.
The Bonagora Point of Sales App supports sales reps at trade shows and showrooms, streamlining the ordering process by making it more efficient and less prone to errors. By digitizing these traditional sales channels Bonagora connects buyers and sellers in new ways, expanding their business and creating more efficient, paperless business transactions. With Bonagora, the industry can focus on what it does best: sell and buy beautiful products.
Bonagora is based in Berlin.

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