Multiphoton Optics Raises Series A Round

MultiphotonA consortium of investors has closed investment Round A for Multiphoton Optics GmbH’s High-Precision 3D Lithography Platform which closes the gap between classical 3D printing and optical lithography. Investors are Sack & Kiesselbach GmbH, High-Tech Gründerfonds GmbH, Bayern Kapital GmbH, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. and a consortium of Business Angels with Dr. Ruth Houbertz, Dr. Moritz Esslinger, and Dr. Boris Neubert.

Multiphoton Optics GmbH sells standard and customized 3D Laser Lithography Equipment platforms. Its first commercially available equipment LithoProf3D was launched in February 2015. The LithoProf3D platform enables sophisticated, additive prototyping of novel product ideas in photonics packaging, photonics, or biomedical and life science products. Using Multiphoton Optics’ Application Lab, customers benefit from a scalable technology to test their technical product ideas without implementing a costly and time-consuming manufacturing of prototypes. Ruth Houbertz, CEO of Multiphoton Optics GmbH about the customer’s benefit of LithoProf3D: “Our flexible equipment and software platform solution enables our customers to speed up product development cycles drastically and more cost efficient. This is a significant competitive advantage, particularly in photonics and photonics packaging.”

In the prototyping phase, Multiphoton Optics supports its customers with its profound engineering know how, the development of prototyping processes, and process implementation support on customer’s sites. Dr. Georg Ried from Bayern Kapital states: “The technology of Multiphoton Optics addresses growing future markets and clearly offers a unique selling proposition compared to competitor’s technologies. Dr. Houbertz and her team are world-leading innovation drivers in these market segments. We are pleased to support Multiphoton Optics with our investment.” And Maximilian Frank from Fraunhofer Venture adds: “The excellent technological basis combined with the extraordinary performance of Multiphoton Optics‘ team with Dr. Ruth Houbertz as CEO and former employee of Fraunhofer ISC will significantly and sustainably impact the data transfer market.” Multiphoton gives its customers access to a powerful prototyping environment – easier than ever before.

Multiphoton Optics intuitive and flexible Software Package LithoSoft3D is an integral part of the LithoProf3D equipment Platform, and it is available for standard 3D structuring jobs and sophisticated work flows with se¬lectable exposure strategies – 3D printing from the sub-100 nm to the cm scale with highest precision. LithoSoft3D can be also employed without the equipment on customers’ sites, for example to test the prototy¬ping of aspheric or free-form microoptical elements or the fabrication of replication masters for the same. Par¬ticularly in photonics packaging, Multiphoton Optics’ technology platform provides a considerable pro¬cess simplification, providing scalable, low-cost processes. Driven by a continuously increasing demand on bandwidth and by a tremendously high energy demand, optical data transfer on short length scales be¬comes increasingly important. The integration of optical data links will significantly increase the energy effi¬ciency of data transfer systems. By Multiphoton Optics’ technology, the complete value chain is represented via energy and environmentally friendly processes – in the production and for the end product. Claus-Günther Knorr about the investment: “My grandfather Clemens Kiesselbach and his business partner Hugo Sack have founded Sack & Kiesselbach GmbH in 1891. We are always forwardly focused in our work and in our understanding of progress in its literal sense. Multiphoton Optics is a company which ideally fits our under¬standing of progress. We are happy to be an investor in Multiphoton Optics‘ Round A investment.“