Rovobotik Raises Seed Round

RevobotikREVOBOTIK GmbH, a company that develops and distributes robots for mass production, shows how to set new standards in an established market. The remarkable thing is that their robots significantly outperform previous systems in terms of payload and speed; this means that the number of robots in a machine can be greatly reduced, resulting in savings both on costs and space. High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is using seed financing to acquire an interest in this unique technology.

High-speed robots in mass production process up to a million products a day. Machine manufacturers in this area are forced to go ‘to the limits of physics’, so that robots move at almost incomprehensible speed. Nonetheless, in most instances several robots have to operate in series to achieve the target production speed, and having several robots in one machine requires higher investment, greater machine complexity and above all more space. Depending on the application, REVOBOTIK can make it possible to halve the number of robots used. The available applications for the technology are diverse, from packaging to assembly or inspection.

The benefit offered by REVOBOTIK products can be summarized in one phrase: “Advancing the combination of payload and speed.” One key part of the technology is an efficient revolving drive principle that is tailored for high-speed continues operation. The technology helps to reduce the driving load, and thus increasing performance.

Dr. Torsten Löffler, Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds: “I’m glad that innovations can still have an important impact on existing machine-technology, especially if they are using modern control techniques to utilize basic kinematic principles.”

 Since REVOBOTIK was founded in 2014, this company from Dresden University of Technology has been working with renowned small and medium-sized enterprises and proving the performance advantage its products offer. Although the packaging industry has been their main focus to date, there is growing interest in other sectors too; for this reason, REVOBOTIK will make use of additional capital to present their robotics technology to a wide range of customers. Their products will also be tailored and refined to meet specific market requirements. REVOBOTIK GmbH has one overarching goal: to broaden the existing possibilities in the world of pick-and-place and facilitate new creativity in machine layout.